Watthour Meter Accuracy Testing 2

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This 31-minute DVD examines typical accuracy limits and standards set by utilities and regulatory agencies. Demonstrates field testing procedures including bypassing the meter, installing and connecting test equipment, and making adjustments necessary to bring the meter within specified limits.

Training Sessions

Watthour Meter Tests – 9 minutes
Identifies two categories of watthour meter accuracy tests. Describes three basic types of tests for single-phase, self-contained meters. Shows examples of documentation typically associated with meter accuracy testing.

Meter Test Formulas – 8 minutes
Describes how the standard revolutions formula is used to determine the number of revolutions that should be registered by a standard during an accuracy test. Explains how the accuracy formula is used in testing the accuracy of a watthour meter.

Field Testing and Calibration – 12 minutes
Describes how to field test and calibrate a socket-type, self-contained, single-phase watthour meter.

Support Materials Available

Student workbook, instructor guide.