Troubleshooting Techniques

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This 35-minute DVD shows how to troubleshoot meters which have been reported to be giving inaccurate readings. It describes how successive investigative steps can identify and resolve these problems, at the meter installation.

Training Sessions

Meter Complaints – 10 minutes Describes three common complaints: high-bill complaints, damaged meters, and low- or no-consumption installations.

Troubleshooting Single-Phase Meter Installations – 8 minutes
Describes visual inspections at the meter site, routine voltage checks. Demonstrates how a test fixture and a phantom load can determine if the meter is operating properly.

Troubleshooting Three-Phase, Self-Contained Meters – 8 minutes Describes visual inspections, routine voltage checks. Following logical investigative steps, the technician determines that the demand mechanism motor is defective.

Troubleshooting Three-Phase, Transformer-Rated Meter Installations – 9 minutes
A three-phase meter using current transformers in each phase, is reading low. Using meter test switches, the technician finds one CT is defective.

Support Materials Available

Student workbook, instructor guide.