Conduit Installation

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This 61-minute DVD shows how to measure, cut, bend, and install conduit. It describes popular types of conduit, fittings used with Electrical Metal Tubing (EMT) and similar low-voltage conduit, and tools used when working with conduit.The procedures shown are for conduit used with low-voltage (under 600 volts) applications in substations such as relay control circuits, drive-motor circuits, and 120-volt outlets.

Training Sessions

Conduits and Fittings – 13 minutes
Shows five types of conduit and explains the applications for each. Describes the fittings used with conduit.

Tools – 11 minutes
Identifies basic hand tools used to cut, thread, ream, and bend conduit. Demonstrates how to use a thin-wall bender. /li>

Installing Rigid Conduit – 11 minutes
Demonstrates how to install rigid conduit using a rigid conduit bender. Shows how to make an offset, 90-degree bends, and install fittings/li>

Installing Flexible Metal Conduit – 9 minutes
Shows how to cut flex conduit, use a fish tape to pull wires through rigid conduit and flex, and install fittings at each end of the run/li>

Installing Electrical Metallic Tubing – 11 minutes
Shows how to install EMT (thin-wall conduit) using a thin-wall bender. How to make an offset, a saddle, and install fittings and conduit straps/li>

Installing Liquid-Tight Flexible Metal Conduit – 7 minutes
Shows how to install conduit for a rain-tight connection between electrical appliances.

Support Materials Available

Student workbook, instructor guide.