Rescue Techniques

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This 46-minute DVD covers six situations in which it might be necessary to rescue an injured co-worker. For each, the video emphasizes the value of being prepared before you need to perform a rescue. This means personally preparing yourself by practicing the techniques and first aid required for each situation. This also means preparing your jobsite by ensuring that workers wear the appropriate equipment such as safety harnesses, and that all equipment needed to perform the rescue is close at hand and in good working condition.

Training Sessions

Bucket Truck Rescue – 7 minutes
Four ways to rescue an injured worker from a bucket. Emphasizes three priorities: Getting help, assessing the situation, and working quickly.

Pole Top Rescue – 7 minutes
Illustrates the four priorities of a pole top rescue: Getting help, not becoming a second victim, rescuing before attempting resuscitation when possible, and working quickly.

Confined Space Rescue – 9 minutes
Applies the four general principles of rescue to an underground situation. How to set up an underground worksite. Crew responsibilities, and important steps to complete before entering any underground situation.

Tree Rescue– 11 minutes
In addition to the four priorities that apply to any rescue, this video explains how to decide if it is safe to perform the rescue without waiting for assistance. Considerations include electrical hazards that you might need help in clearing, and situations where you could cause more damage to the victim during a rescue attempt.

Tower Rescue– 7 minutes
This video shows three methods for removing a victim from a tower: Using a controlled decent device, a Munter hitch, and the equipment line. Each individual utility must decide which method it will use, make sure the materials needed for that method are available at the job site, and require each crewmember to practice a rescue using that method at least once a year.

Open Water Rescue – 5 minutes
The emphasis here is on avoiding accidents. Safe work procedures for two-person jobs, multi-person jobs near open water, and multiple people working on a boat.

Support Materials Available

This disk includes a quiz and answer sheet in Word format.
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