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This 52-minute video described the purpose of the transmission portion of a T&D system. It describes the key components of a transmission line: conductors, insulators, and structures. Covers the basic tasks involved in constructing and inspecting a transmission line

Training Sessions

Introduction – 5 minutes
Explains the purpose of the transmission portion of a T&D system. Identifies components that make up a typical transmission line. Explains the purpose of a power grid.

Conductors - 8 minutes
Describes basic characteristics of conductors. Differentiates between solid, stranded, and bundled conductors.
Insulators – 9 minutes
Explains the purpose of insulators. Shows pin insulators, post insulators, disc insulators. synthetic insulators. Describes typical mounting positions for insulators on transmission lines.

Structures – 9 minutes
Describes three types of structures: dead-end, angle, and tangent. Explains some factors that affect the design of transmission structures.

Construction – 12 minutes
Preparing the right-of-way. Assembling structures. Stringing conductors.

Patrolling – 11 minutes Inspecting a right-of-way, transmission structures and components. Special considerations for metal poles, wood poles, towers. Climbing inspections. Documenting the findings.

Support Materials Available

Student workbook, instructor guide.